Buying Glitter Tattoo Kit

Things to Keep In Mind When Buying Glitter Tattoo Kit

Glitter body art is one of the latest trends sweeping through Europe and now throughout the globe. One reason for such trend is that they’re therefore spirited. Barely of glitter, they even make alternative arts like face painting, body painting, henna, etc charming.

Glitter tattoos are good, as they ensure the liberty and suppleness to decide on new styles and colours each few days. In fact you can vary your mind as often as you wish to.

Types of Glitter Tattoos in the market

There are many different styles of glitters out there within the market. Never use craft glitter for body art because it is commonly fabricated from metals and can nearly definitely cause injury. Glitters fabricated from PVC, PET etc and alternative arduous plastics that are not appropriate. Continuously use cosmetic-grade glitters. Please note that nail art glitter isn’t meant to be used on skin as it will cause hurt.

  • Metallic Glitter
  • Holographic Glitter
  • Iridescent Glitter
  • Gem Powder

Only a couple of materials are required to induce that glitter tattoo you’ve perpetually wished to possess on your body. A kit would sometimes contain body-friendly adhesive, a stencil set, glitter that comes in an exceedingly style of colours and a brush to assist you set on and unfold the glitter on your skin. Some glitter tattoo kits associate with directions whereas others could have none. There’s no reason to stress this though’ since there are ample number of video tutorials on-line which may assist you learn the way to place on glitter tattoos. The procedure is extremely easy, really, and you’ll simply get the droop of it once the primary strives. Glitter tattoo kits are available totally different packages and you’ll be able to select a sort that’s supported your desires.

Do’s of Glitter Tattoos

  • Always use cosmetic-grade glitter approved to be used on human skin. Nail art glitter is cheaper however it will damage your client’s skin.
  • Always use body art glue approved to be used on human skin. Nail art glue and different such glues might not be ok.
  • Do clean and wash your skin with alcohol or soap & water before creating the tattoo.
  • Do enable the glue on the skin to become semitransparent before applying the glitter powder.
  • Do attempt totally different particle sizes and kinds of glitter.

Don’ts of Glitter Tattoos

  • NEVER use craft glitter for body art. Craft glitter is sometimes made from metal and can virtually actually cause serious injury.
  • Don’t work too near the eyes or bodily orifices? Whereas the glitter is also cosmetic grade, it’s for external application solely.
  • Don’t create the tattoo over open cuts, bruises etc. whereas the glitter is also cosmetic grade, it’s for external application solely.
  • Don’t apply glitter untill the glue on the skin continues to be liquid and white.
  • Don’t enable the glue on the skin to dry out fully before applying glitter or the glitter won’t stick all right.
  • Don’t leave the glitter jars open – screw the lid back on like a shot.

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