Toy Swords

Ninja Sword Toy- Toy For Joy!

Instill the qualities of bravery and might in your little one right from childhood. Light up (LED) toy swords are the perfect weapons for the modern day child warrior. Play time is now fun time with our Ninja swords brightened up with LED. Our Ninja sword toy collection is an assortment of Ninja sword toys and even a one of a kind galaxy light saber sword – all producing realistic clanging sounds and lights. The translucent blade of the Ninja sword toy looks too cool and comes with a large handle to grip and hold the sword with ease. The colorful LED lights add vibrancy to the ambience and make kids jump with thrill.

The toy swords serve as perfect accessories for your Halloween costumes, birthday parties & everyday pretend play Fun! The flashing swords make the play all the more exciting and add to the joy of kids.

Our Ninja toy sword features motion activated clanging sounds for realistic play but can also be used as a part of fancy dress for display.

Our Toy Swords Include Batteries And Are CPSIA Compliant And Safe.

The ninja toy sword is the perfect accessory to light up a costume.

How Does It Work?

With the push of a button, the fantasy sword is activated and the blade will light up in blue colors while LEDs at the top of the handle will blink in blue and red. When the toy sword is moved through the air or touches an object, it will make ninja sword clanging sounds.

To brighten up your Deluxe LED Ninja Sword, just press the button on the handle. Clanging sounds are motion activated.

Multiple Uses:

Ideal for the perfect Christmas gift, Star Wars costumes, Halloween costumes, birthday parties and everyday fun.

Galaxy light saber sword is designed in the spirit of star wars to protect and save the galaxy with an amazing saber that lights up in multiple colors. The handle is made from a high quality rubber that is easy and fun to grip. LED toy sword features motion activated sound and light. Fight the evil with blue, purple or red accompanied with an authentic sound. Sound is NOT annoying and is actually pleasant and a lot of fun!

Our assortment of LED products for kids also includes butterfly wings costume to give them a fairy look. These butterfly wings glow in the dark and come in attractive girly colors like pink and red. They go well with your Halloween, or Tinkerbell costume. They can also be adorned in parties to become an apple of everyone’s eye.

Fight Darth Vader or any Jedi as this sword will leave your friends in awe!

Caution: Pease note that the ninja toy swords as well as the galaxy light saber sword are novelty items and a fun pretend play. The toy swords may not perform as intended if they are subject to impact.