Butterfly Wings; A Costume That Lights Up for All Occasions!

Dressing up begins at age 5 and truly never ends, do you agree? And when we are talking about dressing up your little girls, nothing can beat a simple looking fairy costume or butterfly wings. Perhaps there is nothing more to feel like a fairy by carrying those beautifully carved wings at the back and other accessories like the magic wand, tutu skirt, cape, tiara, etc. Once she is dressed up, her imagination will fly her away to places.

Speaking of the term Butterfly, It is basically a symbol of joy, change, and color. And maybe this is the reason why they are used for several decorative purposes to create a special touch. Now if you are looking around for butterfly wings for your toddler, check out our latest range of butterfly wings that could make your girl the most lovable butterfly in the block.

Today all thanks to these fairy tale stories and movies like Tinkerbell, Maleficent, our fairy wings have been so popular. We at GlitZGlam offer a comprehensive range of dress up costume for numerous occasions like Halloween, Christmas, birthday bash, theme parties and lot more.

GlitZGlam now introduces a stunning range of Led light up butterfly wings that can go well with any and every outfit, be it your Halloween costume, Tinkerbell look or beautiful butterfly costume.

What makes our Butterfly wings more attention-grabbing?

  • Butterfly wings especially for girls that glow in the dark
  • “One size fits all” , i.e. Dimensions: Height: 14.5 in. Width: 18 in
  • LED wings available in a variety of colors blue, green, red blinking LED Fuchsia fairy
  • Light in weight with 3 replaceable AG10 Batteries
  • Suitable for all types of costumes for girls and occasions.

“Even you can fly with your own wings.”

butterfly wings

“Don’t crawl, you have the opportunity to grab your wings from our space”

 In order to activate these glow in dark butterfly wings, simply press the button on the battery pack and your multi-colored LED light flash costume accessory will look something that anybody cannot miss to have a look at it!

So what are you waiting for? Think of the smiles you get when you see her running and playing with her butterfly wings outstretched in her dream world. Fulfill each and every little desire, After all, you get to be a kid only once and the rest of your life you will be cherishing these beautiful moments together.