With our toy ninja swords anyone could be a ninja boy!

Toy ninja swordsAre you ready to become a ninja?

Everyone knows how thrilling these ninja moves are and today not only young boys but even girls enjoy dressing like a true warrior. And if you give yourself a free will then we can assure that finding an appropriate costume will be no big deal for you.

Can you see light despite all the darkness? If so, our product is a perfect fit for you as GlitZGlam brings you saber ninja sword toys that lights up in the dark. Honestly speaking there is no such record of ninja stories, all I can recall is GI Joe or dragon ninja or jade ninja, an average looking people in disguise usually having their faces covered and shining ninja swords in their hands.


“ The successful warrior is the average man, with laserlike focus.” -truly said by our dragon warrior Bruce lee


Ninja swords toys; the most effective of all!

Performing with the sword is the most cunning way to attack someone brutally. Earlier people use to utilize swords made from steel and alloys but currently, we offer saber ninja toy swords made from durable elements and substances that are really fun to fight with.

    • Whether it’s a Halloween night or a birthday bash, Christmas eve or a star wars look, we offer toy ninja swords that are apt for all occasions.


    • You are bound to get Compliant and safe range of such fancy items from our doorsteps.


  • For the realistic play, our products feature high-quality rubber handle, clanging sounds and most important, the 27.5 inch LED toy is available in numerous colors such as blue, purple, red, green, etc.


Shop in and activate your ninja sword toy today!

Ninja gears are pretty exciting, especially for the young blood. Buying a toy ninja sword can be the right kind of accessory to your warrior outfit. In order to activate your sword :-

First, you will hear some clanging sounds once you press the button present on the rubber handle.

Second, take your position and get ready to fight the evil with amazing multi-colored lights i.e. blue, red, purple, green.

Third, once you win the fight, simply press the button again to turn it off.

So do fight with your friends, but in style! Grab the latest scope of ninja sword toys today!