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tattoo shop for sale GlitZGlam Body Art, a division of GlitZGlam, specializes in temporary tattoos and body art for children, teenagers and adults along a variety of joyful products that are unique and most importantly – fun.

GlitZGlam is owned by moms who love children and family activities and always pursue new ways to bond with children all while having a great time. With the rising popularity of temporary tattoos for kids, we have created special DIY glitter tattoo kits for kids and adults in mind. At our temporary tattoo kiosks we demonstrate daily how to make fake tattoos that last up to 7 days and are waterproof. All our products are absolutely safe for your skin and our kids temporary tattoos are just that – temporary.

GlitZGlam Body Art manufactures a collection of exciting glitter tattoo kits, tattoo stencils and glitter packs for everyday use and special events featuring amazing colors and tattoo designs. They are easy to do and no artistic skills required to create amazing glitter tattoos.

Each tattoo kit includes a different selection of colorful body glitter along popular tattoo stencils, cosmetic brushes and body adhesive. We carry hundreds of tattoo designs and each glitter tattoo kit focuses on different styles and colors. Some kits are the girls’ favorites, some are the boys while others are unisex.

GlitZGlam Glitter Tattoo Highlights:

*      Most appealing Designs (Stencils) have been surveyed and selected by thousands of real customers to appeal to all ages and genders.

*      Rich & Glowing cosmetic-grade glitters that look so much better on the skin.

*      Color Choices and Combinations within each kit are most favorable by customers (also selected by thousands of real customers.)

*      Larger Kits feature much larger glitter pots compared to other most popular brands (0.06 oz / 1.7 GR GlitZGlam: 0.13 OZ / 3.7 GR.  That’s a huge difference!

*      More colors per kit:  Our competitors typically offer 4 mini glitter pots while GlitZGlam kits showcase 6 large glitter pots!

*      Quality Counts! Simply apply GlitZGlam tattoo on your arm.  Then apply another brand on the other arm.  See how the body adhesive and glitter feel on your skin.  Hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types, including the most sensitive of skins!

*      Safety:  GlitZGlam products are HRIPT and CPSIA certified. This is an important element of our products.  More about safety below.

*      Best Seller with dozens of online reviews!  GlitZGlam kits are selected as a number one best seller in large categories such as temporary tattoos and body paint.

What Makes GlitZGlam Glitter Tattoos So Special? 

How Do I Know That They Are Any Good?

Because we test them! Every day, hundreds of times, on real customers, and in multiple locations!

Other companies who sell glitter tattoo kits might simply outsource their products from a manufacture. Their choices of ingredients, designs, colors, safety and quality are typically based on the manufacture recommendations and are rarely tested on real people beyond initial lab testing.

At GlitZGlam we do things a little different: In addition to marketing our products on the web, we operate kiosks at shopping malls.  Each location features a glitter tattoo station where children, teenagers and adults can relax and get a beautiful tattoo on the spot.  We provide hundreds of people with glitter tattoos every single day, 7 days a week and most locations are open from 10 AM to 9 PM.

In the process of applying so many tattoos we are constantly learning how to make things better.  How to improve the designs. Which color combinations work best, which stencils are better to work with and which ingredients are applied easier.  We also learn which body adhesive dries out faster and which one remains fresh for a long time.  The results are a detailed guide as to how to create the perfect glitter tattoo and produce products that are built to provide you with excellent results and guaranteed satisfaction!  

What About Safety? 

GlitZGlam glitter tattoo products are toxic free, hypoallergenic and safe for the skin. The following are the safety procedures conducted by the company:

Our glitter tattoo products have gone through a complete CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) testing by a certified 3rd party laboratory for any trace of materials / ingredients that could be hazardous (such as lead and phthalates) especially for children. We have tested every single element in our kits from the glitters and body adhesive to the brushes, containers and packaging materials. Even the paint on the brushes handles was scraped and tested for any form of unsafe ingredients. Our products are CPSIA certified and are absolutely safe to apply on the skin.

But we didn’t stop there. We have also tested our glitter tattoo products for any form of allergic reactions (HRIPT) The Human Repeat Insult Patch Test is a clinical and safety study conducted over a period of several months where the products are tested and retested on a large number of applicants of various ages, ethnicity and skin type. Any possible reactions are carefully measured and recorded. The results of our testing were 100% negative and not a single applicant has experienced any form of discomfort, redness, itchiness or any allergic response to the products.  In addition, the products were fully evaluated and tested by clinical dermatologist and are deemed true hypoallergenic.

Little children love it, teens run to show it off and parents join in to share. The best part is that glitter tattoos and body glitter are temporary and beautiful. Our products are designs with simplicity so even children as young as 4-5 are able to create beautiful temporary tattoos on their own.

Temporary tattoos have been around for a very long time. Henna came first, then airbrush and the latest trend is glitter. In fact, in 2012, many birthday parties for children and teenagers in Los Angeles offered a glitter tattoo station as part of the entertainment and those typically were the highlight of the event. But children and teenagers are not the only ones that love glitter as adults find it amusing too! We are often invited to corporate celebration where we feature our latest designs and colors. Our tattoo artists are available for your next glittery party but if you like to host it yourself, all you need is a kit. It’s so easy – anyone can do it! The tattoos are 100% toxic free, no-mess application, hypoallergenic and are safe for the skin. Contact us to get more info about hosting a party with our tattoo artists.

In the event you like extra glitter or specific tattoo stencils – those are available to you in separate sets. The body glitter makes for perfect tattoos for children and adults and rest assure that you will be excited to show off that new glitter body art painting to your friends. Some tattoo designs look so real but worry not – they are fake tattoos and you can easily remove them anytime you like.

Our Glitter Body-Art is designed to last 3-7 days depending on skin type and maintenance and are generally waterproof. Just pat dry after prolonged bath. To remove them – simply use alcohol swab or oil-based products.

In our busy permanent locations (shopping mall kiosks) as well as at the parties we serve, GlitZGlam selectively hires creative personnel that employ artistic skills combined with charming and engaging personality to become tattoo artists at GlitZGlam Body Art. The employees are trained to perform beautiful glittery tattoos, often under the pressure of great crowd, yet always create a fun and relaxing atmosphere that is inviting. Because the body glitter is naturally a fake temporary tattoo – no long-term commitment is required so you can apply multiple glittery tattoo in the same area and have lots of fun doing it.

We have several unique products available with one theme in mind – Glitter & Glam and all our products are competitively priced as they make for a great everyday gift, birthday present or just as a special bonding time between a parent and a child.

Glitter Tattoo Parties: GlitZGlam Body Art.com is a great place to book your next birthday, party or corporate event with us! Our party artistic girls always turn an ordinary event into an exciting and glamorous experience. Our party kit includes a huge variety of glitter tattoo stencils and a rich selection of glitter colors. Naturally our DIY glitter tattoo kits are not large enough to include such variety, but if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for – custom glittery tattoos are also available for an additional fee.

We find that Glitter Tattoos and temporary body art are always engaging for children of all ages and believe it or not – even fun for the parents. What a great way to enjoy a play date, host a party or use it as a present for any occasion.

So Glitter and Glam temporary tattoos for children seem to be our thing as we continue to explore more engaging and fun activities for kids, teens and parents.

GlitZGlam BodyArt specializes in temporary glitter tattoos for kids, teenagers and adults with one theme in mind –glitter.

glow in the dark bracelets

For years, Henna temporary tattoos used to be the only alternative for adults and children who wished to have a temporary tattoo (i.e. fake tattoo) and body art. Henna tattoos are beautiful and indeed temporary tattoos but they lack the vivid colors and are a lot less fun for children. That’s why the popularity of the kids temporary tattoos is increasing. Within seconds anyone can create an amazing design that turn ordinary into a charm.

How to Create Fake Tattoos with glitter:

Creating temporary tattoos for kids is as easy as 1,2,3: Stencil, Adhesive, Glitter. Within 30 seconds anyone can create a vivid design and carry it with them for days. The temporary glitter tattoo should last up to 7 days. How long it lasts depends on skin type and maintenance. Go a head and take a shower or even a long bath – it should not come off. If you wish to remove it – simply use alcohol swabs or oil based lotion and soak for few minutes. Then gently scrub and remove the glitter tattoo, leaving the skin smooth and supple without irritation.

All our products are 100% toxic free, hypo-allergenic and safe for the skin. We don’t recommend applying any glitter (or anything else for that matter) on irritated skin or on an area with a cut or bruise. We also don’t apply any glitter in or around the eyes. But other than that – the glitter body art products are completely safe and hypo allergenishimmer tattoosc. The glitter

tattoo is waterproof.

After prolonged time in water (swimming or bathing), simply pat dry the area with a towel as scrubbing or scratching the area will shorten the lifespan of the tattoo. Do not apply alcohol, lotion or oil based products to the area as this too will shorten the lifespan of the glitter tattoo.

Want to learn more about how to create your own temporary tattoo? Click here

Little advice: If you are considering to get a real tattoo, you should experiment first with kids tattoos available at our glitter store prior to making a permanent decision. Kids tattoos are a reasonable alternative to the real thing. Try different designs, colors and areas on your skin and find out why children tattoos should always be your first choice. If you wear the kids tattoos for few weeks and still like the idea? Then go a head and make it permanent. Otherwise, just remove and try again. Don’t make an (almost) irreversible decision before trying a fake tattoo first. That’s why kids tattoos are an ideal choice for anyone intending to go permanent with a real tattoo.

Safety First! Even though the tattoos are fake temporary tattoos, adult supervision required for children under 7 years of age. Kids tattoos are not recommended for children under 3 years of age due to choking hazard of small parts. Tattoos for children should not be applied on broken or irritated skin. Do not use kids tattoos in or around eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. The tattoos are designed for children but do not ingest. Keep away from heat and fire.

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