Temporary Tattoo Stencil Things with Wings Tattoo DesignsTemporary Tattoo Stencil Things with Wings Tattoo Designs

Things with Wings Tattoo Stencil Set

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Tattoo stencils set Things with Wings includes 10 most popular tattoo stencils for glitter tattoos that want to fly.

If you like Butterflies, Pegasus, Fairies and Angels – this one will be your favorite!

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Tattoo stencil set “Things with Wings” Includes the following Glitter Tattoo Stencils:

  • Cascading Butterflies. Size: 3″ X 4″
  • Pegasus. Size: 3″ X 3″
  • Hummingbird. Size: 3″ X 4″
  • Two Dancing Fairies. Size: 3″ X 4″
  • Angel Heart. Size: 3″ X 3″
  • Winged Heart. Size: 3″ X 3″
  • Butterfly Flower Vine. Size: 3″ X 5″
  • Spring Butterfly. Size: 3″ X 3″
  • Fairy. Size: 3″ X 3″
  • Dragonfly. Size: 3″ X 3″

Glitter tattoo stencils by GlitZGlam Body Art are of the finest quality of tattoo stencils. The are thick, large and safe for the skin. These temporary tattoo stencils are easily applied on any skin type and work together with glitter tattoo kits. Once the glitter is applied- just peel the stencil and you are done.

Things with Wings Tattoo Stencils Set by GlitZGlam Body Art is a glitter tattoo stencil collection of tattoo designs to create beautiful bodyart

8 reviews for Things with Wings Tattoo Stencil Set

  1. Tara

    I received this in an order with a few other products, it was in a cellophane wrap with a resealable/easy access tab on the bottom. I will start this by saying when I purchased this stencil kit I was expecting a stencil like I used in school, similar to the picture on the package on one solid piece. So when the package was about the size of my hand I was surprised. These are individual stencils, one design per sheet and they are very nice sized, not too big, not too small. This particular pack of stencils had a lot of really cute designs that were both kid and adult friendly. The stencils themselves remind me of stickers, but they aren’t paper. They’re basically three pieces, a sticky clear sheet, a flexible, thin plastic piece that works as the actual stencil, and the white paper backing. You remove the white backing, apply the stencil to the skin (make sure it’s clean and dry), get all of the bubbles out of the stencil itself and peel off the clear plastic covering. You have now applied your stencil. I found that it was very easy to apply and equally easy to remove, although you have to be careful when removing in order to maintain the beauty of the smaller details of the tattoo. I was disappointed to see that these are not reusable, they are one time use only. Of course being a frugal lady I did try to reuse one (on my daughter so it wasn’t gross or anything haha) and I think it turned out okay. It didn’t lay down well so there were definitely lumps and bumps but it was okay and would work in a pinch if you have two kids that want the same tattoo.

    Pros: Sturdy, sticky, application and removal is simple. Fun variety of designs, something for everyone.
    Cons: Nothing really, besides the fact that they are really one-time-use only

    Overall this is a great product. I did receive this product for a discount in order to give my unbiased review. I’d recommend this product for all ages!

  2. Jessica D

    We have ordered many of these tattoos kits, both with and without the glitter and glue. They are a great product that can be reused over and over. My girls are 3 and 4 and even have fun doing it themselves (when I let them, because it can get pretty messy).

  3. Jill Timm

    The set had a great variety of styles and came out pretty good after I got the hang of it. It is very difficult to get a smooth flat fit especially with skinny kid arms. Leave the stencil on to put on the glitter – came out better. You may have to pick off some of the stencil but it looked much cleaner. Pat in the glitter really good to get a homogenous finish. Don’t use on faces. Glitter is dangerous for little ones particularly near their eyes, mouth and nose.

  4. RA

    Beautiful designs. It comes out just like in the picture. They
    are made for glitter tattoos but I can use it with anything else. I got the
    glue, glitter and brushes in a local store. Next time I’ll just get a whole

  5. Juniper Nichols

    We had some glitter tattoo kits, and ordered these as supplemental stencils. They were larger and more detailed than most from the kit, and almost all got used. The very finely detailed ones like the butterfly with flowers look a bit more sparse than you would expect, because the glue peels up around the edges a bit (just the nature of the glitter glue application, no fault of the stencil). So, the gaps between glitter areas are wider than it looks in the pic I think. The unicorn’s horn didn’t survive the peel. Still totally gorgeous.

  6. Cheyenne Marie

    I love GlitZGlam! These stencils are absolutely amazing, and were such good quality I was able to reuse them. They came packaged a little different than expected however it was way more convenient as I was expecting to have to cut them off a sheet. I occasionally do glitter tattoos at events and I will be switching to these stencils! These are high quality stencils that I received at a discount for an honest review, however I will be purchasing them again at full price because they rock!

  7. Bonnie Tenorio

    I bought these for my six year old granddaughter, and we had fun tattooing. It is a nice selection to go with the set.

  8. Simpora

    I just loved these. Came in time for our renaissance fair and I will have some awesome accents to my costume with these. Quick shipping.

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