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Glitter Tattoo Kit – Things with Wings

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“Things with Wings” includes beautiful fantasy wings of things that fly.  From enchanted fairies to cupid and Pegasus, this temporary tattoo kit contains designed elements not found as a collection anywhere else.

This temporary tattoo kit has everything you need to create amazing glitter body art in less than a minute and the results last for up to 5 days. Hypoallergenic, safe for the skin and even waterproof. Includes: 6 Large cosmetic-grade glitters, 12 designs, 2 cosmetic brushes and 1 hypoallergenic body adhesive.

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Glitter tattoo kit “Things with Wings” includes the following:

Temporary Tattoo Designs (Stencils:) Hummingbird, Winged Heart, Butterfly & Flowers, Butterfly Armband, Fairy, Dragonfly, Spring Butterfly, Angle Wings, Dancing Fairies, Cupids, Pegasus, Cascading Butterflies.
6 Large cosmetic-grade glitter colors: Laser light purple, Lagoon Green, Red, Rose – Pink, Silver & Violet. 0.13 OZ each.
2 cosmetic brushes: 1 large & 1 small
1 Body Adhesive (body glue) – hypoallergenic and safe for the skin of children, teenagers and adults.

Some of the designs in this kit are intricate so please apply with care as you gently peel the top protective layer while holding the stencil onto the skin. Also use care when peeling the stencil away from the skin after the glitter application.

  • 60% more glitter & body adhesive. 50% more colors! Get a lot more temporary tattoos done with larger glitters, more body adhesive and more colors:
  • Glitter size: 6 of 0.13 OZ each (compared to 4 of 0.05-0.07 OZ by other popular brands)
  • Body Adhesive size: 7 ML (compared to 3 ML by other popular brands)

Things with Wings temporary tattoo kit was designed & developed as a result of the high popularity of the GlitZGlam stencil set: “Things with Wings.” The kit is an improved version of the tattoo stencil set and includes 2 bonus designs as well as 6 spectacular cosmetic colors designed to create amazing body art for children, teenagers and adults with a theme of wings and fantasy. It also includes a special body adhesive and 2 cosmetic brushes so there is nothing else needed to create your beautiful glitter tattoo.

This is a DIY- “do it yourself” product that is so easy to do and no artistic skills are required. Within a minute or so the results are simply stunningly professional-looking glitter tattoos that last for up to 5 days and even waterproof (but can be easily removed with any oil-based lotion)

Glitter tattoos allow parents to have fun with the children without long-term consequences and no mess. The glitter tattoos are easy to apply and easy to remove which makes them 100% compatible with children.

Great for parties! Glitter tattoos make for great gifts for any occasion such as birthday parties, play dates, park, pool or simply for every day creative fun.

Product highlights:

  • Easy to apply. Tattoo can last up to 5 days and waterproof
  • Most appealing Designs (Stencils) have been surveyed and selected by thousands of real customers to appeal to all ages and genders.
  • Rich & Glowing cosmetic-grade glitters that look so much better on the skin.
  • Color Choices and Combinations within each kit are most favorable by customers (also selected by thousands of real customers.)
  • Most glitter pots in our line are much larger than most popular competitors 0.13 OZ / 3.7 GR VS 0.06 oz / 1.7 GR That’s a huge difference!
  • More colors per kit: Our competitors typically offer 4 mini glitter pots while most GlitZGlam kits showcase 6 large glitter pots
  • Quality Counts! Simply apply GlitZGlam tattoo on your arm. Then apply another brand on the other arm. See how the body adhesive and glitter feel on your skin. Hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types, including the most sensitive of skins
  • Safety: GlitZGlam products are HRIPT and CPSIA certified. In other words we use high quality ingredients that are very safe for the skin!
  • Best Seller with dozens of online reviews! GlitZGlam kits are selected as a number one best-seller in large categories such as temporary tattoos and body paint.

19 reviews for Glitter Tattoo Kit – Things with Wings

  1. Shea Hubbard

    Perfect Kit

  2. Natalie H

    My daighters (2 and 7) loved this kit. Looks really cute on. Simple enough for my oldest to do herself. The outlines for the tattoos aren’t reusable, though.

  3. CPR

    My grand daughter loves it.

  4. MJ

    Loved! Used for my daughters 4th birthday party. Big hit with the kids and the adults.

  5. Patricia A. Ballard

    My granddaughter really enjoyed it. Much better than your average tattoo kit. She wants me to get her another one in the series.

  6. Andria Taylor

    this was such a hit at my daughters party. Super easy to put on even 5yr old we’re putting them on each other. The stencils were easily reusable. Totally worth the money if you’re on the fence.

  7. debbie

    Nice variety of stickers, but they are a one time use.

  8. Addymommy

    Fun! Girls loved it! Don’t put it on your face. Hard to get off lol.

  9. Twin Cities gal

    The tattoos are not difficult after you figure out the steps. The kids can do it themselves and are more fun than the usual rub on tattoos. They do last awhile once on which is a bit good and bad.

  10. Ginger R. Hollis

    Used this at our fall festival. Big hit!

  11. glitZGlam Customer

    It’s a Christmas gift. Don’t know anything about it, yet.

  12. rita

    Nice kit, I would purchase again.

  13. a. mark

    Sparkly and packs a ton of glitter. Comes with reusable stencils, glue with wand, and brushes. Easy to use but the stencils are only a one to three time use. My niece and nephew love to get sparkly tattoos but we do it strictly outside as the glitter gets everywhere.

  14. jeffrey martin

    This is one of my favorite kits. It is easy and so much fun for the kids. The tattoos stay on for quite awhile, up to two weeks.

  15. Raana Jarrahian

    Great product, works as described. Sparkly, long lasting glitter. The brushes lost a few bristles onto the the tattoo with every use, so maybe use your own trusted brushes and wait a little longer for glue to dry completely. So easy 4 year olds were dusting on the glitter themselves. Big hit.

  16. Vivien Lee

    Excellent- used them for a birthday party. Easy to use and everything you need is in the kit. They were a big hit with boys and girls

  17. zoeygirl610

    These turn out beautiful!!!! Bought this for my 11 yro daughter. She loves them!!!!

  18. glitZGlam Customer

    It was fun and easy to use my daughter loves it!

  19. Fern

    My grand daughter is 12, going on 21 and is at that age where she’s either had it, done it or hates it. So with that in mind, I studied the Glitter Tattoo kits and selected the things with wings option. Seems like a great jumping off point. At any rate, I know she’s going to love it since it’s all about bling and carries a statement with the graphic.

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