Tattoo stencil set best of GlitZGlamTattoo stencil set best of GlitZGlam

Best of GlitZGlam Stencil Set

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Tattoo stencil set “Best of GlitZGlam” includes 10 of our most popular stencils for glitter tattoos.

Rose, Cupcake, Sun, Mermaid and Rainbow are just few of the highlights in this set.

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“Best of GlitZGlam” tattoo stencil set Includes the following Glitter Tattoo Stencils:

  • Flock of Turtles. Size: 2.5″ X 5″
  • Cascading Butterflies. Size: 3″ X 4″
  • Rose. Size: 3″ X 3″
  • Girlie Skull. Size: 3″ X 3″
  • Cupcake. Size: 3″ X 3″
  • Sun Swirl. Size: 3″ X 3″
  • Star Jewels. Size: 3″ X 4″
  • Mermaid. Size: 3″ X 3″
  • Hibiscus Chain. Size: 2.5″ X 5″
  • Rainbow. Size: 3″ X 3″

Glitter tattoo stencils (kids tattoos) by GlitZGlam Body Art are of the finest quality of tattoo stencils. The are thick, large and safe for the skin. These temporary tattoo stencils are easily applied on any skin type and work well with any glitter tattoo kit. Once the glitter tattoo is ready – just peel and you are done.

Best of GlitZGlam Stencils Set by GlitZGlam Body Art is a glitter tattoo stencil collection of tattoo designs to create beautiful bodyart

9 reviews for Best of GlitZGlam Stencil Set

  1. Orlando P

    The variety of designs helps to make glitter tattoos fun to do!!! Easy to apply and remove from your skin!!! We love the flower designs and use different colors and blend them to make truly AWESOME tattoos!!!! And its SO easy to use!!!

  2. Orlando P.

    The variety of designs helps to make glitter tattoos fun to do!!! Easy to apply and remove from your skin!!! We love the flower designs and use different colors and blend them to make truly AWESOME tattoos!!!! And its SO easy to use!!!

  3. Kitana Jaiya

    I purchased this in addition to a kit I bought for my sons party. Instead of party bags we did fun tattoos to match his theme. This package comes with 10 fun and feminine designs. Although the stencils aren’t reusable, I used an alcohol on each child to clean the are skin, held it in place and carefully applied the glue. Practice makes perfect and they came out great. Everyone was happy and it was fun for me to do!
    Overall I am very satisfied with this product. I recieved this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts are of my own and have not been influenced by any outside sources or by the price.

  4. Cheyenne Marie

    I love GlitZGlam! These stencils are absolutely amazing, and were such good quality I was able to reuse them. They came packaged a little different than expected however it was way more convenient as I was expecting to have to cut them off a sheet. I occasionally do glitter tattoos at events and I will be switching to these stencils! These are high quality stencils that I received at a discount for an honest review, however I will be purchasing them again at full price because they rock!

  5. Tara

    I received this in an order with a few other products, it was in a cellophane wrap with a resealable/easy access tab on the bottom. I will start this by saying when I purchased this stencil kit I was expecting a stencil like I used in school, similar to the picture on the package on one solid piece. So when the package was about the size of my hand I was surprised. These are individual stencils, one design per sheet and they are very nice sized, not too big, not too small. This particular pack of stencils had a lot of really cute designs that were both kid and adult friendly. The stencils themselves remind me of stickers, but they aren’t paper. They’re basically three pieces, a sticky clear sheet, a flexible, thin plastic piece that works as the actual stencil, and the white paper backing. You remove the white backing, apply the stencil to the skin (make sure it’s clean and dry), get all of the bubbles out of the stencil itself and peel off the clear plastic covering. You have now applied your stencil. I found that it was very easy to apply and equally easy to remove, although you have to be careful when removing in order to maintain the beauty of the smaller details of the tattoo. I was disappointed to see that these are not reusable, they are one time use only. Of course being a frugal lady I did try to reuse one (on my daughter so it wasn’t gross or anything haha) and I think it turned out okay. It didn’t lay down well so there were definitely lumps and bumps but it was okay and would work in a pinch if you have two kids that want the same tattoo.

    Pros: Sturdy, sticky, application and removal is simple. Fun variety of designs, something for everyone.
    Cons: Nothing really, besides the fact that they are really one-time-use only

    Overall this is a great product. I did receive this product for a discount in order to give my unbiased review. I’d recommend this product for all ages!

  6. Andrea Williams

    My kids tattoo stencil set arrived timely, well packaged and exactly as described.

    This stencil set is amazing and very easy to use. It offers designs that are girly yet have just a little edge to them.

    This has been a great addition for us because I already have plenty of tattoo paint and this works well with any. I also have a fabulous face painting brush set which makes using these stencils a breeze.

    Each stencil is very well made and allows you to perfectly and completely paint your desired design. Each stencil is very easy to clean and each stores easily.

    I received a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, which is what I’ve provided.

  7. marshratt

    Great product! We used these at a school carnival and the kids had so much fun.

  8. Diona

    Great product. Very easy to use even for a nine year old under pressure at a festival. My daughter wanted to do tattoos for a festival this year while I face painted. I was worried that she would need my help and things wouldn’t turn out like she hoped. To my surprise things were great and she made $40.00 of her own money thanks to GlitZGlam! Definately buying more for our upcoming festivals. Its a three step process but very simple even for middle schoolers.

  9. Maria Baskett

    These are great stencils. They stick well. My favorite one is the sugar skull. Lots of fun designs in this set!

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