Glitter Tattoo Kit - Lil Divas Temporary Tattoo Body Art Kit

Press Release: GlitZGlam Body Art Introducing Lil Divas Glitter Tattoo Kit

By Daniel Adams

February 12, 2013

Press Release: Los Angeles, CA

GlitZGlam Body Art has recently introduced its latest addition: Lil’ Divas Glitter Tattoo Kit.  The new kit is a collection of amazing designs and sparkling colors destined to bring a diva to life.

Lil’ Divas features 6 extra large glitter containers and 12 amazing designs (stencils.)  The stencils are reusable so we can have multiple applications per design.  Our body adhesive is hypoallergenic, safe for all skin types and non-toxic so little children as well as adults with sensitive skin can have their fun with glitter tattoos.

Katherine Lewis, general manager of GlitZGlam Body Art, advised our reporter that prior to finally manufacturing Lil’ Divas, the company had extensively tested most of the glitter products available in the market place today.  “We have concluded that some of the glitter products available to the consumer today are either too small and insufficient as they offer the consumer low quantities of glitter and limited number of designs and / or poorly crafted with low-grade glitter and cosmetic glue.”

Lil’ Divas changes all that as the glitter and body adhesive is produced according to the highest cosmetic standards and the glitter containers are about 3-4 times larger than any other kit in the market place.  Children absolutely love the new sparkly colors as they come alive on the skin and that the designs (stencils) are FDA approved.

“Since we deal with children daily, safety is our main concern.  Our second concern was to create a product that anyone can use, get amazing results and have fun doing it.  Lil’ Diva has done very well in our retail locations, official website, on Amazon and EBay.  The response we have received from retailers is very positive as well.”

About GlitZGlam Body Art

GlitZGlam Body Art is a one-stop-shop to body art that glitters! The company manufactures a large selection of glitter tattoo kits and tattoo stencil sets as well as a variety of artistic items that are unique and most importantly – fun.

GlitZGlam Body Art is owned and operated by moms who love kids and always pursue new activities to bond with children all while having a great time.   The products we manufacture are absolutely safe, fun, beautiful, easy to do and deliver a great value!


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