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Press Release: GlitZGlam Body Art Glitter Tattoo Kits Now Available on

By Daniel Adams

April 8, 2013

Press Release: Los Angeles, CA

GlitZGlam Body Art has recently introduced its glitter tattoo products to  Starting in January 2013 the products became available in the world’s largest shopping website.

Per Katherine Lewis, general manager of GlitZGlam Body Art : “We didn’t expect much at first because the competition in Amazon is intense and we are facing sellers that have been there for years, carry thousands of products and have unreal number of sellers’ feedbacks and products review.  So we just listed our products and hoped for the best.”

What happened next surprised everyone in the company.  Orders began to flow in and every day and week was marked with a substantial improvement from the day and week prior.  Katherine believes that customers can really see the difference in the quality and size of the GlitZGlam glitter tattoo kits and accessories vs. the competition.  “You can really tell a big difference in the various kits available.  The quality of the ingredients from the cosmetic brush to the body adhesive to the designs and off course the cosmetic glitter.  Our kits truly offer so much more than the other glitter tattoo products available.  All you have to do is just look at them side by side and see for yourself.”

She also goes to mention that the popularity of the GlitZGlam kits on Amazon is partly due to the fact that the company does have several brick and mortar locations where customers could physically touch and feel the products. According to her having a place of business and also serving glitter tattoos in hundreds of parties and events does put the word out so when people realize that the products are now available on Amazon the buying decision becomes more simple.

Which glitter tattoo kits are most popular on Amazon?  It’s not surprising that consumer choices on Amazon at the GlitZGlam store is similar to the choices customers are making at the brick and mortar stores.  Best seller on Amazon is the Original GlitZGlam Glitter Tattoo Kit followed by Lil Divas and the New GlitZglam Kit.  As far as stencil sets – the number one seller is Thing with Wings which is followed by the Valentine Tattoo Stencil Set.

For customers who wish to purchase just the cosmetic glitter either for refill purposes or for any other body art decorations, the best sellers at the store are Popular Four and Pastel 4-pack cosmetic glitters.

About GlitZGlam Body Art:

GlitZGlam Body Art is a one-stop-shop to body art that glitters! The company manufactures a large selection of glitter tattoo kits and tattoo stencil sets as well as a variety of artistic items that are unique and most importantly – fun.

GlitZGlam Body Art is owned and operated by moms who love kids and always pursue new activities to bond with children all while having a great time.   The products we manufacture are absolutely safe, fun, beautiful, easy to do and deliver a great value!


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