A few fake tattoo caring tips to consider!

Fake tattoos, temporary stickers are quite enjoyed these days, not only by small children but even by adults. After all, they are the most instant and inexpensive ways to express your true self. Now fake tattoos being fake in nature can be easily removed within a day or two, but a few minutes aftercare could make it last long.

What are the things that you need for taking care of your tattoo?

A Bath puff
Fake tattoo
Soft, clean & dry towel
Baby powder
Makeup brush

So let’s start!

Step 1: Proper positioning
Decide a place on your body where you think your tattoo could last for a long run. I mean where your clothing or other body parts do not rub again and again. Scrub the area where you wish to use Glitter tattoo kit and let it dry for a while.

Step 2: Apply right according to manufacturer’s direction

Have a look at the above image or for this, you can even think of hiring our professional who are well experienced in applying in the right manner. Let it dry by gently pressing and not rubbing a soft towel against it.

Step 3: apply some baby powder and dust it with the help of a makeup brush, hence, it will keep your tattooed area dry for hours, no matter whether its shimmer body art or glitter kit.

Lastly, in case you have any doubt or query regarding your temporary tattoo, all you can do is simply get in touch with our professionals in order to get a better perspective!


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