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Instantly turn your amazing little one into a beautiful princess / fairy and spark her creative imagination.  This set includes high-quality cape and tutu dress that can be worn as a stand along tutu for a ballet, ballerina dress-up or as a tutu dress / tutu skirt as part of an overall fairy costume, princess costume or simply for pure fun.

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Key product features:

  • 5 Piece fairy princess costume set Includes: Tutu Skirt, Cape, Tiara (Crown), Wand & Gloves
  • All 5 pieces have a matching color of Hot Pink
  • Fits Ages 3-9.  Tutu & Cape hand-wash and hang to dry. Remains fluffy after wash
  • Tutu is made from soft and elastic material that is comfortable and stretches on the waist
  • No complicated tying, zippers and Velcro – easy dress up

Instantly turn your amazing little one into a beautiful princess / fairy and spark her creative imagination.  This set includes high-quality cape and tutu dress that can be worn as a stand along tutu for a ballet, ballerina dress-up or as a tutu dress / tutu skirt as part of an overall fairy costume, princess costume or simply for pure fun.

Add the included beautiful cape, tiara, magic wand and princess gloves to a complete princess / fairy dress and watch your girl become her dreams.

There are many tutus to choose from and we have tested so many of them.  We have crossed the oceans to bring you the ones we found most adorable, top quality look and feel.

Whether your little one is a young dancer or simply having fun with a Halloween costume, play or dance with a dress up – this affordable yet high-quality fairy / princess costume set is for you.

Tutu is made from soft and elastic material that is comfortable and stretches on the waist.  Hand wash and hang to dry. Remains fluffy after wash

No complicated tying, zippers and Velcro – easy dress up.

Also available in Snow Queen Frozen inspired Turquoise!

16 reviews for Princess Costume / Fairy Costume 5-Piece Set – Hot Pink

  1. Umme

    My daughter was so happy to see this when it arrived. She hasn’t put it down yet she is so happy. The set is really nice it is the tutu, the cape, the crown, gloves, and wand. This is such a nice set and it is adorable. The colors are bright and vivid and it is very well put together. My daughter is a bit ruff at times but still she is the princess and it has held up very well to her abuse of chasing her brother around the park without any problems. She looks adorable and everything fits and looks so nice. I am so pleased with this purchase I is one I am so happy I was able to make.
    I purchased this product for a reduced price to make an honest and unbiased review.

  2. Ginger

    This 5 piece Princess Costume set is sure to be a hit for dress-up fun. At first I wondered where the leotard was since one is clearly shown in the photo but when I looked again at the description and realized that it was not one of the 5 pieces included in the set. The Tutu is simply the best tutu I have seen! It is double layered (the photos don’t do it justice) and can be fluffed to be quite full. The gloves are very well made. The cape is not super high quality but it looks nice is a fun addition to the set. The Tiara and the wand are a quality you would expect for this price. One thing that I liked about the wand is that it is a little bit bendy. Since it is not super brittle it should last a little longer. The set really will fit many size variations. All the fabrics actually match colors well across the set. Since I bought these for granddaughters for Christmas I can’t share pics of them in them yet.

    This product was received at a promotional rate in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All statements made are 100% of my own based on my personal experiences with this product.

  3. val nowling

    The costume is not sized, I feel like it could fit a wide range of children (ages 3-9, ) My eight year old grand daughter loves it . She already had a costume but wanted to wear this to her school for her school party . The gloves are really soft and make a great accent piece. The cape is a sheet of tulle with a soft ribbon across the top of it and then you tie it in a bow on the front of your child. I didn’t realize this set didn’t include the bodysuit pictured then I went to see if it was suppose to come with it and it was not . She really loves it anyways so that don’t matter . I received this costume at a discounted price an exchange for a honest and unbiased review .

  4. Angie G

    I received an adorable princess set. The set is a bright hot pink color. . It came with a skirt made of tulle and an elastic type band for the waist. It has a par of gloves, a wand, and a tiara. It also included a cape made of tulle and satin ribbon to tie it. The skirt and cape both are a little glittery and seem very well made. I didn’t notice any flaws in them. The gloves are little satin type gloves.

    My daughter will be 3 the end of December and weighs about 27 lbs. The set was a little bit big on her. The skirt has plenty of room to stretch too so she can wear it as she gets older. She wanted it on right away and actually didn’t even want to take the skirt off. The cape did fall off a lot, but we just tied it. The cape was the biggest on her which is why I don’t think it stayed on that great. She still loved playing with it all though. I would recommend this little set for any little girl who likes to dress up. I believe this set will fit her for several more years too. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  5. Sarah Marie T

    This review was done by a busy 32 year old mother of 2 so that it can hopefully help others asses if the product is worthy of their hard earned money.

    Item: Princess Costume Fairy Costume 5-Piece Set – Hot Pink

    Item Description:

    • 5 Piece Fairy Princess Costume that includes Tutu skirt, Cape, Tiara, Wand & Gloves
    • Fits Ages 3-9
    • Made of Soft & Elastic Material

    Product Review:

    Each item arrives individually wrapped in plastic. The tiara is the only thing you have to put together but it takes two seconds. You just snap the top part into the headband piece and walah. The Tutu has an elastic waistband that can grow with my babygirl. It has two layers of tulle around the waist. The cape is made of tulle or a sheer like material and it has glitter effects, very super princessy. Its has a pretty ribbon that ties around the neck area. The gloves are long and elegant, very pretty and classy. The wand is a simple thing but effective. It can turn any toad into a prince. Ribbit.

    Small Print: I purchased this item at a discounted price and was asked to give my impartial view on the product. This review is 100% my own and the cost of the product does not reflect my review in any way. I wouldn’t give a good review if it wasn’t a good product!

  6. TarynP

    I ordered these for my daughters for dress-up (one pink, one blue) but they arrived even faster than expected and we were able to use them for Halloween. The tutu was surprisingly durable, the gloves fit well and the tiara was adorable!!! One thing I didn’t catch was not included was the leotard but we used black ones that we had around from dance class and it was perfect. The cape was a little long for my youngest but we made it work. This was a great find!! PLUS they seem to GLOW in the evening pictures! Trick or treating was magical this year.

  7. Smashley

    This set is so cute! My daughter loves to dress up and put on a show. She’s all about entertaining! I bought this for her for Christmas. It comes with five different pieces. A sparkly skirt, a sparkly cape, matching gloves, a tiarra with matching stone accents, and a scepter wand with matching accent stones. The skirt, cape and gloves seem to be well made and the stitiching appears to be nice and strong. They don’t give me any cause for doubt in the ability to hold up to a six year old playing princess in them for hours on end. The tiarra is really cute and I like that it is on a swivel headband. She cand wear it like a head band and the tiarra piece sits on top of her head. Much easier to play in than the old comb styles from when I was a little girl. Those never stayed in place. This set is a great addition to any little child’s dressy up box indeed! I know my little will be very thrilled when she sees this! I recieved this item at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  8. Kendra

    This costume is adorable. Its great that it comes with 5 pieces the top, tutu skirt, gloves, wand and crown. It ended up coming for Halloween so my daughter was able to wear it trick or treating! She looked adorable in it and got many compliments. The material on it is great, made very well and the wand and crown aren’t cheesy looking like some others I have seen. My daughter now wears it for dress up so it was well the money spent! *I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest and unbiased opinion. Which is 100% my own.

  9. Holly Morales

    Princess Costume Fairy Costume 5-Piece- The set is almost a complete set. The only thing it doesn’t come with is the leotard and tights. But my daughters wore it over leggings and a tshirt and were very happy. This set is well made. The tulle material on the cape and tutu skirt is thick and well stitched. The skirt can fit a wide range of sizes since it has an elastic waist. I notice in the reviews the children seem to be young but my daughters are 10 and 11 and wear this for pretend dress up and it fits them well. The crown and wand add sass to the costume. The gloves are well made from a slick type of material. The overall costume set is great and is a good value.
    I received this product for a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  10. Rebecca Diaz

    I received the Pink Princess Costume Fairy 5 piece set for my daughter for a discounted price for review. My daughter loved it immediately when she tried it on. She enjoyed looking the part, during Halloween. She enjoyed going from house to house, prancing around, like a princess. I do like the fact that it would last more than once, and is durable. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends.

  11. A Reviewers Life

    The pink 5 piece princess costumes are amazing! They are stretchy tutus so they can really fit all sizes between 3 and say 9 years old. The gloves will be perfect for an older girl but the little ones love them just the same! I will be uploading a video review shortly

    I received this item free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

  12. Erin Ciferri

    This is so beautiful. It comes with a wand, tutu, top with cape, crown, scepter and gloves. It is beautiful. Would make great Halloween costume. It is also great if you have a little girl who likes to dress up. My granddaughter is two and didn’t have a problem getting the outfit on by herself. No complicated buttons or such. Very sparkly and pretty. I was given a discount on this product for my honest review.

  13. Peachyjocheeks

    My 3 year old loves to dress up as princesses and I knew this would be perfect for her. She is a bigger 3 year old and wears a size 4/5 normally and this set fits great! There are 5 pieces. A cape, tutu skirt, set of gloves, wand and crown which comes in 2 pieces that snap together. The cape and skirt sparkle with sequins and stars. An elastic waist on the skirt and ribbon tie on the cape make this costume set a perfect addition to a dress up wardrobe since you can get years of play out of it. I received this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

  14. Ji

    Its beautiful costume with crown.
    My 2years old girl loves crown .when i tired to out on her ,its little big long for her.
    But other stuff is perfect to fir on her
    Its not come witb tank top but i could match with any taptop on skirt.
    She enjoyed new princess .

  15. Mands

    This set is perfect. Items arrived neatly packaged in a box, each individually wrapped in plastic and laid out nicely in the box. The wand & crown were wrapped carefully with tissue paper, and then plastic to ensure extra protection.
    The items themselves are beautiful. The pink is really bright and the skirt & cape are glittery and shimmer, which makes them look so pretty, like a real princess! The skirt is also fluffy which adds even more to the princess look. No lose seams, everything looks like it was carefully sewn. They fit my 4 year old perfectly. Wand & crown seem to be made with good quality material, they don’t feel flimsy or cheap at all. The gloves feel silky and fit my daughters hands.
    Overall, she loves playing with this and it makes her feel like a real princess! It’s definitely one of her new favorite dress up costumes.

  16. RA

    Beautiful costume. My daughter loves it! Much recommended

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