Glitter Tattoo Kit Original GlitZGlam Temporary Tattoo Body Art KitGlitter Tattoo Kit Original GlitZGlam Temporary Tattoo Body Art Kit

Original GlitZGlam Glitter Tattoo Kit

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Original GlitZGlam Glitter Tattoo Kit is a do it yourself temporary tattoo kit that includes everything you need to create professional glitter tattoos within minutes.  Safe for the skin, even waterproof and last up to 5 days!  No artistic skill are required and the results are just amazingly beautiful.  Includes 6 large glitter colors, 1 body adhesive, 10 designs (for boys & girls) and 2 cosmetic brushes.  Now with 60% more glitter!

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Original Tattoos

GlitZGlam Original Glitter Tattoo Kit is a do it yourself temporary tattoo kit that includes everything you need to create in just minutes amazingly professional glitter tattoos that are hypoallergenic, safe for the skin and last up to 5 days.

Original GlitZGlam Glitter Tattoo Kit is a best seller in large categories such as temporary tattoos and body paint.


6 large pots of cosmetic grade glitter. 0.13 OZ each. Colors: Purple, Green, Rose-Pink, Gold, Red and Royal-Blue.

1 hypoallergenic body adhesive. 7 ml

10 most favorite tattoo designs (stencils) for boys & girls

2 cosmetic brushes. 1 large & 1 small

As some of the designs / tattoo stencils include small details – please apply and peel the stencils with care.

Product highlights:

  • Easy to apply. Tattoo can last up to 5 days and waterproof
  • Most appealing Designs (Stencils) have been surveyed and selected by thousands of real customers to appeal to all ages and genders.
  • Rich & Glowing cosmetic-grade glitters that look so much better on the skin.
  • Color Choices and Combinations within each kit are most favorable by customers (also selected by thousands of real customers.)
  • Most glitter pots in our line are much larger than most popular competitors 0.13 OZ / 3.7 GR VS 0.06 oz / 1.7 GR That’s a huge difference!
  • More colors per kit: Our competitors typically offer 4 mini glitter pots while most GlitZGlam kits showcase 6 large glitter pots
  • Quality Counts! Simply apply GlitZGlam tattoo on your arm. Then apply another brand on the other arm. See how the body adhesive and glitter feel on your skin. Hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types, including the most sensitive of skins
  • Safety: GlitZGlam products are HRIPT and CPSIA certified. In other words we use high quality ingredients that are very safe for the skin!
  • Best Seller with dozens of online reviews! GlitZGlam kits are selected as a number one best-seller in large categories such as temporary tattoos and body paint.

67 reviews for Original GlitZGlam Glitter Tattoo Kit

  1. Pengas

    purchased several different kits to have for my son’s birthday party. We ran out of stencils pretty fast on this kit because the kids loved the designs. They got so excited with the glitter tattoos that it became the center of attention and all the kids and their parents wanted one. I didn’t know that we can reuse those because there is so much glitter left.

  2. Dallas Reader

    I ordered these in addition to glimmergirl tatoos. These are much larger than the glimmer girl but both sets were enjoyed by the kids. We used the kit for a 4 year old birthday party and it was a huge hit – with boys, girls and parents too. The tattoos are easy to put on and don’t wash away easily. There was plenty of glitter included. I would recommend getting an extra glue pen (ours didn’t run out, but the kids were so excited they all wanted on at once that it would have been nice if I could have had one more).

  3. christina frazer

    purchased this kit for my childs birthday party. It was fabulous. The kids loved them and it was easy to do. Highly recommend

  4. Danielle Yager

    This kits was perfect it had more in it then I expected. Lasted the whole party and stayed on my daughters arm for a while was very happy with it!!

  5. s’s mom

    I actually intended to purchase a different brand of glitter tattoo’s, but after a little research decided to buy this kit from GlitZGlam instead. So glad I did – all the concerns I had over the other brand did not occur at all with this one! Each stencil is individually wrapped for easy protection in between usage. The glitter was all self contained in sturdy and secure containers and the adhesive was in a perfectly sized and sealed container. The brushes they provided were the right size, but did get a little gummed up; not surprising since it’s used with the adhesive – easily cleanable with nail polish remover or make-up toner though!

    These tattoos were the hit at my daughters party – even when the full time limit wasn’t met, the tattoos still looked good and stayed. All were applied by adults, but easily something my 5 year old child could do under supervision. Enjoyed by children and adults! Many asked where I found this great item – – will definitely purchase additional glue, glitter and stencils to expand on what I already have! Can’t wait to use it at Halloween!

  6. Customer

    my wife loved it .. it was cheaper than getting a face painter. the kids were so amazed. easy to do and easy clean up. we even have more left over for the next party

  7. RV Calypso

    We purchased for a young girl 7-8 years old and she was very excited that she could duplicate the cool glitter tattoos you get at festivals. They last 4-7 days.

  8. marcimel

    I am pleased with the product as it was as described. It works well and looks great. There was no need to use much on the faces of such small children, so there is more for another occasion. I do intend to purchase more for a friend and I will take my kit along to family gatherings to use and bring more fun to the occasion.

  9. B.S.

    Bought this for my daughter’s 9th birthday. All of her friends got to wear one and loved them! Very easy to use, look cute. Arrived very quickly. Good deal. I wrote a response on the company’s web page and they sent me a thank you of 12 more stencils. Very nice and unexpected!

  10. Kalina Koinova

    Saw this at a friend’s house and since my boys liked the tattoos they got and the glue and glitter did not irritate their very sensitive skin, I purchased the set for home use. We use it almost every weekend and I’ve gotten a few tattoos myself as well thanks to my 6 yo. I have bought this set as a present a few times already and everybody loves it. I will keep buying for sure 🙂

  11. Diana Waldrop


  12. Bunny Mom

    I bought this for my son’s birthday party, along with a set of dragon tattoo stencils. They went on easy, and my 10-year old daughter and my niece helped put them on. The kids loved them, and my son’s stayed on for almost a week of summertime water activities and showers. We had 20 kids and there was a lot of glitter and glue left over. I would definitely buy this again, and would recommend it to anyone planning a birthday party, or even a girl’s slumber party or school party.

  13. Customer

    Purchased this for my daughter for Christmas. Would have been awesome except the body glue was dried out and unusable.

  14. JC

    I gave this to friend’s kid as Xmas gift. After she opened it we found the glue already dried out, very embarrassing.

    Update 1/2/2014:

    GlitZGlam contacted me shortly after this review. They apologized and issued full refund. Today, I got a replacement set plus one extra Lil Divas set. I opened both sets to make sure everything’s OK this time. I have to say this company really stands behind their product. I am going to send them to my friend’s house this weekend. Hope this will make it up to her.

  15. Karola U Aleckson

    I received two of these kits to use in a children’s program. The glue that came with both kits was dried out and the brushes broke off in the little bottles. We made it work with Elmer’s glue. After my review, I received an immediate response from the company with replacement kits as well as extra tattoos. I was so impressed with the customer service and the products were awesome!!! We used them for a large children’s event. I will absolutely order these again and recommend them highly!

  16. Sharon C

    I purchased these for a 9 year old. It was a hit gift. A variety of stencils and bright sparkle colors.
    It was long before she was giving everyone pretty tattoos. Great as a substitute for face painting at
    parties. Great for kid, teens and adults.

  17. Mindy Cassell

    The glue was dried up when I recieved the kit. So, we weren’t even able to use it. I didn’t think to open it and test it before my daughter’s birthday party. What a bust.

    I would like to follow-up this review by saying that the seller contacted me after posting this negative review and gave me a full refund and also sent me a new kit in the mail, along with an additional gift.

  18. Christy Pence

    I love this product and the company. The glitter containers in the kits are bigger than most other brands. The company really stands behind their product. I orginally had a problem with the body adhesive in the first kit but the compamy contacted me directly and made it right. I greatly recommened this product and company. I will use them again in the future.

  19. Katt

    Bought this for my 2 year old daughter’s birthday party. Also my son who is 4 loved it and plan to use it for his 5th birthday. We have plenty left over and I even bought an extra glue which we didn’t need yet. Highly recommend. Worth purchasing and easy to do yourself rather than spend someone 75-100.00 an hour for someone else too! Even the adults got into the fun.

  20. D. Magnusson

    Bought it for my daughters birthday. She loved it and they had a great time giving each other tattoos but the stencils seemed to break easily.

  21. Pete O’Brien

    We bought this for out daughter’s birthday party and I couldn’t tell you what happened there because I did glitter tattoos for two hours straight. The kids loved them, so I am contractually obligated to like them as well. The patterns in this kit weren’t as popular as in similar kits that we purchased, though.

  22. Sydney

    love what I got and look forward to getting more!!

  23. KarenC

    Glitter is a family favorite, with two girls, I guess that’s to be expected. This set would have gotten five stars but it came with the glue dried up. Luckily, we have lots of glitter tattoo glue lying around. The stencils with this one are nice and there are more options than the smaller sets!

  24. Glitzglam Customer

    This is a wonderful kit!! Made it so easy!

  25. MnM

    way easy to use/play with. I didn’t have to hire a clown/professional wasting hundreds of dollars, but was able to use it myself with excellent results. The glue is easy to apply and the applicator brush/tip is awesome. My daughter’s friends loved their tattoos and no one could believe it was my first time doing such art work. Too bad the stencils are not reusable and limited in quantity. However, we used all stencils and still have left over glue and glitter for another occasion.

  26. J. C. Wiltshire

    NIce colors, would be nicer if there were more variety!

  27. mschwebe

    This was a hit at our fall festival. Very easy to use we had a 10yr old applying the tattoos and the kids loved the designs. They are fairly easy to remove and did not cause any skin irritations. I applied about 30 tattoos from this kit. There was plenty of glitter but I did use the extra glue tube that I had ordered along with this kit. I will be getting this again for our next kid event!

  28. DW

    Daughter likes it.

  29. Amazon Customer

    Orderesd as gifts, lots of fun and easy to remove after a few days wear. I would recommend for ages 6 years to 12.

  30. Micah Nelson

    I bought three boxes for a children’s event and was really disappointed because the glue in all three boxes was solid. The brushes broke off the handles too. After reviewing the product, the company immediately contacted me to rectify the problems. Customer service is clearly a priority for GlitZGlam. In all, I was satisfied with the product and impressed with their efficiency and conscientiousness.

  31. Mindy Cassell

    The glue was dried up when I recieved the kit. So, we weren’t even able to use it. I didn’t think to open it and test it before my daughter’s birthday party. What a bust.

    I would like to follow-up this review by saying that the seller contacted me after posting this negative review and gave me a full refund and also sent me a new kit in the mail, along with an additional gift.

  32. Krista B

    This is the real deal. Easy to do, looks beautiful, and showed the tiniest bit of deterioration only after 3 days/showers. We removed on day 5!! Will definitely be sticking with this brand.

  33. CBomb

    The kids love doing glitter tattoo. It keeps them busy. – But wow can it leave a mess. Just have plan or having a controlled space or go in with the knowledge you will occasionally go to work with a couple specks of glitter shinning on your nose.

  34. TK

    Residents at an assisted living loved these, had so much fun with the patterns. The glitter can be arranged, so you can make a tattoo have multiple colors, which looks really cool. There’s plenty of glitter left over, when you run out of patterns, so just buy more patterns. Shipped quickly, too.

  35. Mary A.

    Bought for my 9-year-old grandniece and we all had a great time getting the tattoos on our family trip to the beach. Really pretty, and strangers even complimented us. My 25 year old niece bought them for herself!

  36. Daniella Herrington

    Big hit at my daughters birthday party

  37. Mikeyd5

    Bought as a gift for my niece. She enjoys arts and crafts type things. Would recommend these to others.

  38. SC Lady

    Absolutely love these! We bought them for my daughters 6 yo birthday party. They were colorful and so so easy to apply. I was actually pretty surprised how easy they were! We followed the directions and they looked terrific. The designs in this pack were a perfect mix of daring and sweet. They were a huge hit and the glitter stayed on until we scrubbed it off in the bath. I’d definitely buy them again.

  39. L. Cai

    Shipping was prompt. But as other customers noticed, the glue mostly dried up.

    Update: I returned the product and got full refund. Then GlitZGlam customer service followed up with me and sent me a free kit to try out. According to them “We do know that extreme cold conditions may cause a freeze in the body glue but our latest formula prevents that from happening.” Glue was fine in the new kit. My daughter liked the patterns.

    I didn’t give a five star, because the stencil didn’t stick to the skin very well so the tattoo didn’t have sharp edges. We were away when the new kit arrived and it rained during the several days when the box was exposed to the whether. So this could be caused by the rain (the packaging was not weather proof) or this could be the product itself.

  40. Holly

    Everyone loves the vibrant colors and patterns and the tattoos last quite a while. Very easy to use. All the kids at the party loved them! 2-7 yr olds

  41. becky

    I love glitter and glam these are tons of fun

  42. Leah Nyberg

    Easy and fun! Some stencils are too intricate and tear easily. Also, brushes should be cleaned with a baby wipe between each use to prevent clumping. Would recommend an extra purchase of glue to accompany this kit, however. Good product!

  43. MommyofTwins

    Wonderful activity for a 5 year old birthday party…was nice for both boys and girls, good designs to choose from. I did these on the children myself with no prior experience. I could reuse the popular designs by just working carefully and reattching them to the white sheet each time. I blew on the glue a little before applying glitter, and on the finished design, before the children went back to playing and these stayed on for about 3 days and looked gorgeous! children were delighted. Once I had done a few and got the hang of it I could do do each one in just a few minutes. Nice activity if children are waiting…like to ride a pony in our case. The tiny glue bottle goes far…I did about 15 children and have tons left of all the supplies. Loved this so much I would buy it over and over again!!

  44. KIW_0612

    Worked like a charm. My 3 year old granddaughter loves the tattoos.

  45. nicolerose

    I purchased this for my neighbors daughter. She absolutely loved this kit.

  46. nurse2509

    Awesome kit. I used it to do tattoos on kids at my daughter birthday party. It was a big hit. The tattoo lasts a long time too. To remove it just use a cotton ball with some baby oil.

  47. Leslee

    So much fun!

  48. C. Lewis

    My 10 yr old daughter and her friends LOVE this kit!! Lots of fun!

  49. glitzglam Customer

    Great buy , awesome product ! It was a gift they loved it

  50. SVL

    We used these for a family picnic event for work. The children and adults loved them. Easy to apply even when you’ve never done them before.

  51. MG

    Initially had an issue but contacted vendor and they resolved it.

  52. glitzglam Customer

    I bought this for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party.
    My daughter loves this tatto. And her friends really enjoyed it. Quality is very good.
    I like it and I want to recommend to my friends.

  53. JeanW

    Fabulous product and more cost effective (even shipping from the US) than buying in the UK. The tattoos went down very well at the christmas fair and proved a great way of raising funds for school.

  54. Seeker

    So much fun for little girls.

  55. Andres Lopez

    hello thank you very much for the concern if we are already enjoying the product my daughter is happy and a very good product was delivered at the right time

  56. Anastasia Cervelli Bopp

    Nice big containers, pretty designs. Big hit at our carnival.

  57. Airedale girl

    This has nice, big jars of glitter with it. I can’t wait for my 5 year old to go nuts with this for her B-day!

  58. lesley nguyen-vong

    So fun and easy to use. Bought it for a birthday party. It was such a hit.

  59. Maria Baskett

    Glit-Z-Glam kits are the best! Very high quality materials, and easy to use, even for kiddos and first timers! I can’t say enough about this brand or the kits they sell. Full-size kits like this are more cost-effective than the smaller ones that include kind of miniature tattoos. Love the glitter colors!!

  60. Glitzglam Customer

    My son loves these!

  61. zoeygirl610

    These turn out beautiful

  62. Heather Kutchera

    Fast shipping and fun product

  63. Karla J Tompkins

    My daughter is VERY excited about this

  64. Asheley

    So adorable and fun and easy to do!!!

  65. Misty Bindl

    Perfect little kit. Glitter will last a while. Tattoos didn’t come off until we followed the inclosed instructions (7-8 days later).

  66. julie miller

    Bought for my 7 year old niece. She lives it. Glitter gets everywhere though!

  67. Customer

    This was a hit at my 7 year olds birthday parties. I set out on table and people of all ages used throughout the party

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